Regardless of what happens in the Stock Market, Here's a Phenomenal Real Estate-Based Investment that is Market-Driven!

Grid Independent Data Centers (GIDC)

A Compelling New Business Case in the Data Center Industry

The POWER of Grid Independence!

3 Profit Centers Yielding Tremendous ROI

  • Data Center Income
  • Energy Production & Sales
  • CO2 Capture & Sales

Why GIDC is a Tremendous Real Estate-Based Investment!

Data Center Demand Is Skyrocketing

  • The Internet of Things is driving demand for data storage capacity.
  • Aging stock of existing low-density datacenters cannot keep pace with demand.
  • Exponential Growth - 5G and edge deployments is creating higher demand for more fiber access and power to support the infrastructure (CBRE)
  • Energy demand from data centers is outstripping capacity of the electric grid.
  • Demand for Co-locating is Growing due to increasing construction capital requirements.

Acute Energy Demands and Questionable Grid Resiliency are Creating an Untenable Situation

“The nation’s power grid is profoundly vulnerable to active and continuous threats by hostile foreign state and non-state actors.”

General Clark, Commissioner
Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
Aug 13, 2020

Untenable: Not able to be maintained or defended against attack

GIDC - Meet The Team

Earl Eugene (Gene) Kern


Christopher M. Witt


Michael Bednar


Tomas P. Gallo, Jr

Power Plants

Larry Masi


Whether you are in the marketing for a New Data Center Location for Your Company, or a Brilliant Real Estate/Technology Investment,
Check this Out…

The GIDC Venture Location™ Business Model

  • Construct a 208MW Self-Contained natural gas fired power plant that Captures 100% of the CO2 for resale. Provides power to the GIDC Data Center and surrounding properties.
  • Build the GIDC New Generation, High-Performance Data Center with On-Site Thermal Energy Storage.
  • Pre-Sell and Develop the Eco-Energy-Industrial Park™ on land surrounding the GIDC Campus. Synergize and sell inexpensive power to the tenants
  • Exit investment strategy in place

GIDC Business Model Development History

Since 2006 The Kern Group of Associated Business Partners has spent over $20 million creating, developing and validating the GIDC Business Model.

Signed 99-year lease with University of Delaware’s STAR Technology Park in 2011

Received zoning approval and partnership with the Federal EPA and DNREC air permit

Pre-leased 50% of data center space

Awarded $7.5 million-dollar DEDO infrastructure grant

Anti-fossil fuel, NIMBY, BANANA activists sabotaged the project

GIDC has now identified 10 Ideal New Sites

Become Part of Data Center History

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About our….GREEN Natural Gas Power Plant

  • GREEN Natural Gas - Nine (9) natural gas turbine engines and Nine (9) steam-powered turbine engines achieving 80% Efficiency, the highest efficiency combination possible – with ZERO Carbon Emissions.
  • 100% of all CO2 emissions are captured, cleaned, and sold for a profit.
  • Totally Off-The-Grid - with uninterrupted, redundant and reliable energy to the data center and all mission critical facilities.
  • LEED Gold Certification - Utilizes gray water for cooling

Part of the Global Green Alliance

The GIDC State-of-the-Art Data Center – 583,000 SF

Specifications – Platinum LEED Design Certification

  • 1.35 million SF of total space
    • 583k SF Data Center, 521k SF Energy Generation, 251k SF Admin & Security
  • Power supply of 167 W/sf up to 583 W/sf
  • Two redundant and diverse points for communications fiber and electrical energy
  • Three Floors of High Security
  • Eight Data Halls (Pods) per Floor
  • Two IDF and two electrical distribution panels for each Pod

Energy Storage & Conservation
(Novacab Thermal Energy)

  • Revolutionary Thermal Energy Storage*
  • No UPS batteries to replace or toxic waste to dispose of
  • Two redundant and diverse points for communications fiber and electrical energy
  • No diesel generation or oil-based pollution
  • No transmission or distribution energy losses

* As used in the Data Center of 46-Story Montreal Stock Exchange

The FIRST ”Ground-Up” Data Center with a Patented Thermal Energy System to Achieve Breakthrough Energy Savings!

GIDC will feature Novacab Thermal Energy Storage – turning wasted heat into FREE ENERGY

  • A Proprietary (Patented) Synthetic Phase ChangeMaterial (SPCM)
  • The Only Integrated Electrochemical & Thermal Smart Storage System In The World.
  • Non-hazardous, Non-toxic and Non-corrosive
  • 40+ Year Useful Life vs. 3-5 yrs for Lithium Ion
  • No maintenance
  • Proven. Tested. Working.
  • Over 40 Flawless Installations in Canada, including 2 data centers prior to the company’s move into the USA

Eco-Energy-Industrial™ Park (EEIP)

An Eco Industrial Park (EIP) is where exchange of waste or excess from one firm becomes an input to another (World Bank)

An Eco-ENERGY-Industrial Park (EEIP) differs by having its own On-Site Green Energy System. Participating companies save on energy, transportation, operational and logistics costs

Business Model Validation Resources

Reviewed of 30+ design scenarios to determine highest efficiency levels

Charted tax streams that can be expected

Proved that design concept can be built

How GIDC Deploys $25 Million to Yield $500,000,000 in 7 Years

Important Notice: Information and financial forecasts have been provided by GIDC. Strategic Partner Investor must perform their own due diligence.

Phase I Development Phase 24 – 30 months
  • $25 Million Pre-Development funding (Secured by Property)
  • Land Acquisition 300 Acres
  • Attainment of Air Permit
  • Data Center Pre-Sales
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for ancillary energy sales
Phase II Construction Phase 36 months
  • Construction Permits in place
  • 40% Data Center Pre-Sales – Equals a positive cash flow project
  • $1.3 Billion Construction Funding based on Pre-Sales
  • Investor Repaid $25 MM
Phase III Operation & Sale 24 months + Sale
  • $2.26 B to $3.39 Billion Sale to Pension Fund within 2 years
  • Investor Exit @ $500 MM Payout
  • Developer Exit with Management Contract

Income Streams from the
Eco-Energy-Industrial™ Park

  • CO2 Recovery – 100% of CO2 generated is captured and sold
    • Sold at $100 per ton
    • Can recover on average 789,000 tons per year
    • $78.9 Million per year
  • Data Center Leasing with Power Purchase
    • Space Lease ($350 per kW, highly competitive pricing)
    • Smart Hands services
    • 300 MW center equivalent to $500 Million each year
  • Energy Sales – 35% of all revenues (30% of energy is ancillary)
    • Electrical, Internal and External Sales - $247 Million
    • To data center clients (Included in lease amounts or metered)
    • To grid off-takers
      • Through RTO interconnect
    • To micro-grid off-takers
      • At lower than grid pricing
      • No transmission or distribution charges required
    • Thermal
      • To micro-grid clients as part of Industrial Park steam loop
      • To more remote clients within 2.5 miles of site via steam pipeline

Strategic Partner Investment Timeline

This timeline is a demonstration of the Developer’s willingness to share with Strategic Partners.
All references to RETURN are conditioned upon a private placement memorandum being provided.

$25 Million


Continuous Investor Cash Flow Leading to a

20 X Return


Investor Exit in 7th Year

Proposed GIDC Venture Locations & Strategic Partner Highlights


  • Over 40 sites reviewed and vetted
  • 10 – 12 ideal sites available immediately
  • GIDC can launch 2 to 3 Venture Locations per year with current staff
  • Acceleration possible with additional funding


  • One-Time Investment of $25 Million
  • Total Capital Recovery in 2-3 years
  • 7-year EXIT YIELD of $500,000,000
  • Future Participation Possible

Intellectual Property

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Thank you for your respect and your integrity.

With Highest Regards,

Larry A. Masi, CEO

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The GIDC Team

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