A New Economic Growth Engine for Your Community


Business Development Center

Imagine....a new Business Development Center that houses Secure Data, Independent Media, Green Energy, and Financial Technology (FinTech) all on a beautiful Campus that produces high-quality, high-paying jobs.



Imagine.... having a new Eco-Energy-System that is capable of providing long-term, low-cost energy to your community without any investment required by your Community.....


Development Team

The Development Team for the Grid Independent Data Center Campus is looking for Communities that are eager for positive growth.

A State of the-Art Data Center with its Own Energy System with ZERO Carbon Emissions!

Each GIDC Campus is a Lucrative
“Special Purpose Entity & Income-Producing Technology-Based Project Backed by Real Estate”

Secured by….a minimum of 500 Acres of Environmentally Developed Property!


The Demand for Data Centers Is Skyrocketing!

It’s Driven by Market Demand!

  • Big Data and The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving demand for increased data storage.
  • Existing low-density datacenters are INEFFICIENT and cannot keep pace with today’s demand.
  • Exponential Growth is occurring from the implementation of the 5G Network.
  • The Insatiable demand for electricity is outstripping the capacity of the electric grid.
  • Cost consolidation is creating increased demand for Cloud-Based Data Centers.

A Data and Energy System Like No Other!

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EIDC Marketing Solutions,
c/o: The Masi Marketing Organization, LLC

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